Texting Girls Guide! | 160 Proven Texts! | Rules For Texting Girls | Texting a Girl Too Much

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Product Name: Texting Girls Guide! | 160 Proven Texts! | Rules For Texting Girls | Texting a Girl Too Much


If you don’t get 5 dates in the next 60 days….get your money back and keep the guide and all 5 bonuses!

”I took a dating course about 3 months ago which went over text game. It was a complete wast of time and I didn’t really get anything out of it. This guide [The Ultimate Guide to Texting Girls] broke everything down in a very easy to understand way. In a matter of two hours, this guide did more than my 3 day dating course.”

-John T., Univ of Cal., Irvine

”Every guy needs to learn how to text a woman the right way.”

-Elizabeth G., Student

“The best part of the guide? Seeing the results. Well worth the small investment.”

-J. Wagner, US Marine Corp

“If a guy sends me a lame text, he’s pretty much out of the picture.”

Jordan, Teacher

“…My dating went through the roof! Its so easy now to get dates just by texting. When I first meet a women, I’ll send out a few texts to generate some attraction and then..bam!…go for the date. And I rarely get turned down. Most amazing book I’ve ever read. And its short and sweet.”

-F.T., College Student

“Instant gratification because there are actual text messages that you can use within minutes of opening the book.”

L. Lee, IT Manager

“As a guy you have to know how to turn me on through text.”

Lane B., Actress

“Over 100 text message examples that get great reactions. I haven’t even gone through a quarter of them and now I’m starting to write my own witty text messages.”

-Michael A., Business Owner

“This is by far one of the best investments I could have ever made.”

-Matt D., Personal Trainer

“As the owner of www.Seductioncoaching.com, being married and a pickup coach, I would not follow through with all the #s I would get! When I 1st separated, I immediately reached for Artisan’s Texting Guide, and used the replies exactly as he suggested. I was mass texting girls from the tread mill at the gym, and got immediate answers from all my texts. With Artisan’s text guide, I genuinely can say that I near 100% text and call backs.

He has by far the best text game in the world. Use it and get miraculous results.”

-Vince “Hollywood” Kelvin, Kings of Pickup, Project Hollywood

Turn Numbers into Dates | Build Attraction and Connection

What will you learn? | What does the guide include? | 80% Off Sale + 5 Bonuses

My name is Matt Artisan, “Texting Guru” and owner of The Attractive Man, 1-On-1 Dating Coach Co. and I’m going to teach you exactly how to text a girl to get her on a date in as little time as possible.

Have you ever felt like you just didn’t know what to text a girl that you just met? Now you will always have something witty and funny to text her, so that you can stand out from all the other guys texting her. Be the most clever, most interesting guy she’s ever met and I guarantee that she’ll be begging to go on a date with you.

Have you ever gotten a girls number and it didn’t lead anywhere? The guide will teach you exactly what to text girls, so that it leads to a first date and much further.

For girls, attraction is based on emotion and how you make them feel. If you can make girls feel good every time they receives a text from you, then they’ll be eager to talk to you on the phone and go on a date with you. We’ll show you how to amp this up so much that girls will literally be begging to see you again.

The Ultimate Guide to Texting Girls shows you over 160 examples of what you can text in any situation including the same night you met her, the day after you met her, to get her on a date, if she doesn’t respond back, to get her on the phone, to make her laugh, if she flakes on your date, and anything else you can think of. It is guaranteed that you will know what to text girls in any situation to make them like you more!

For girls, attraction fades over time so it is important to keep up the attraction even when you’re not together. You’ll learn how to send texts to girls that are flirty, cocky funny, contain role-plays, role reversals, sexual tension, games, and more. We’ll also show you what most guys do to break her comfort and attraction and how to avoid those mistakes. Furthermore, you’ll learn exactly how to text girls so they feel “breakthrough comfort” so you can ask girls out without the fear of rejections.

Most guys pursue girls to the point that they run away. What would it be like if you could have multiple girls pursuing you instead? You’ll learn how to “flip the frame” of the traditional “man chases girl” courting frame and be the SELECTOR! By sending high value texts that qualify girls to meet your standards, you will literally have girls begging to be with you.

Many years back after getting fed up of rejection from girls, I discovered the dating community and began taking, literally, dozens of dating seminars and bootcamps.

I advanced quickly and became lead instructor of one of the top dating companies in the industry. I could get numbers from girls with no problem, but I wasn’t getting as many dates as I wanted. Most of the dates I was getting were with “less quality” girls and it seemed to take weeks to get a “quality girl” on a date (if at all).

I hated calling girls so I decided to rely solely on texting, but the problem was I totally sucked at it.

So, what I did, was I started using all the tools and principles I learned during the bootcamps I taught, and applied them to texting.

And guess what!? I started getting some amazing results!

I began finding out what worked for other dating gurus, and I started trying their techniques out as well.

I created a log of ever text that I sent girls, and every response that I got back so I could figure out which texts were working the best, and why.

I was actually able to get 10 dates in 30 days, all through texting!

After years of research, trial and error, and inadvertently pissing a few girls off, I developed this amazing 56 page guide that teaches men the rules of texting girls, texting concepts, and exactly what to text girls and why each text works.

I revised it, simplified it, and made it easy to understand so that it will work for ANY guy who wants to get more dates through texting, build instant attraction with girls, or simply use texts to get a ton of booty calls.

Give it a shot. It works!

Matt Artisan, Texting Guru Voted Best Text Game in the World

Lead Dating Coach for 1-On-1 Dating Coach Co. and Day Game Training

Find out more about Artisan here: Matt Artisan

You’ll get tons of tried and tested text messages that will get girls to respond positively, whether its the first text or the 50th text. It doesn’t matter if its the day after you’ve met the girl, or its a year after the last time you talked to her, these texts are proven to work.

You’ll always know the right thing to text at the right time because you’ll have over 160 text messages that were written by some of the best dating experts in the world. They’ve been tried and tested and proven to make girls melt!

The Ultimate Guide to Texting Girls guides each pua (pick up artist), or anyone wanting to improve their dating life, through the ins and out of building attraction by texting girls.

You will learn never-before-released secrets of master pickup artists, including:

– What to text a girl the same night you meet to get her over THAT night

– How to build immediate and lasting attraction through text girls

– How to handle non responsive girls and wha to text them

– How to get a first date with girls without even talking to them on the phone

– What to text girls so you stand out from other guys and keep them intrigued

– How to text girls after they’ve flaked on you

– How to create deep comfort and rapport through texting girls

– What to text girls that you haven’t heard from in months

– How to create attraction from girls who don’t seem interested

– Funny and clever text messages that you can use anytime

– Mistakes every other guy makes when texting girls and how to avoid them

– Texting girls something sexual to build sexual tension

– How to go from texting to talking on the phone

– When and how often you should be texting girls

– Texting to set up a date

– Texting girls to prevent them from flaking on the date

– What to do if girls don’t text back

– How to respond to negative texts

– How to answer a girls “shit test” texts

– How to get girls to start chasing you…all through TEXT

– How to send cocky-funny texts, bait and switch texts, roll reversal texts, push-pull texts, texting games, role play texts, flirty texts, sexual texts, teasing texts, and much more!

The Complete Guide to Texting Girls System includes:


32 chapters AND over 160 proven text messages and examples


“Text Game Mastery” course to learn how to text girl

into bed


Audio 1: Basic Principles and Texting Girls Mindset

Audio 2: Building Attraction and Comfort through Texting Girls

Audio 3: First Text Openers

Audio 4: Teasing Girls Texts

Audio 5: Getting Girls to Chase You, Asking Her Out and Sexual Escalation

Audio 6: Damage Control Texts and Bonuses


1) Top 10 Best Responses to Common Questions Girls Text AND Top 10 Ways to Reinitiate Communication for Numbers that have Gone Cold

2) 1 Full Hour of Live Phone Coaching

3) The Ultimate Guide to Handling Shit Tests

4) “Calling a Girl” 7 Day E-Course

5) Monthly Cutting Edge Dating and Texting Strategies Delivered Straight to You

You’ll get everything you’ll ever need to know about texting girls, including:

-Basic principles of texting girls

-How to build attraction and maintain it through texting alone

-What NOT to do when texting girls

-Using texting to build comfort and familiarity

-When and how often you should text girls

-The first thing to text girls after you meet them

-What to text a girl the very same night you meet her so she’ll come over

-Other random texting openers that will make girls laugh

-Text messages that show you are a “real man”

-Games and fun roll plays done through texting

-The right mindset you must have for texting girls

-How to use texting to get girls to chase you!

-How to go from texting girls to an actual phone conversation

-How to use texting to get girls to meet you again in person (a date)

-How to bring out a girl’s sexual side without appearing creepy, weird or needy

-What to text if a girl says something mean or rude

-What to text if girls deliberately “tests” you

-How to answer a girls question such as “who’s this?” in a fun interesting way

-What to text a girl that has just flaked on you

-How to reestablish intrigue from girls whom you haven’t talked to in months or years


Over 200 Texts 2 Make Women Want U

That’s 360 Total Text Messages to Spark Attraction and Get Her Straight Over to Your House!!!

Artisan and texting guru, Hydro, teamed up to give you text-after-text of mind blowing, cutting edge full text message threads! They cut out all the fluff to give you the best of the best. This is the ultimate arsenal of text messaging!

Not only will you know exactly what to text girls back when they ask you questions like “who is this?”, “do i know you?”, “what do you do for a living?”, etc. but you’ll have answers that are guaranteed to build attraction and make you dramatically stand out from other guys so girls will want to see you right away.

Were you ever texting a girl and then all of a sudden the girl stopped texting back? Have you ever met a girl and for whatever reason, the communication just stopped? Now you can reegnite old numbers and spark new attraction with girls you haven’t talked to in weeks, months or even years! You’ll have 10 proven texting techniques that are guaranteed to get a response from girls that previously were not responding.

During the 60-minute phone coaching, Artisan will answer ALL of your questions and give you personal advice and feedback on your challenges or sticking points. Have questions about a girl your texting? Ask! Have questions about how to escalate on a date? Ask that too! Ask Artisan ANYTHING at all regarding women, dating, texting and pick up!

You’ll learn exactly how to turn any response a woman could say into pure attraction and sexual tension! One of the quickest and easiest way to spark insane attraction is with the right responses to a woman’s tests! Never be thrown off by “I have a boyfriend”, “I don’t give out my phone number” or anything else a woman could say ever again!

In this 7 day E-course you’ll learn the best way to get a girl’s phone number, a quick way to make girls pick up the phone when you call, how to have amazing phone conversations, what to do when calling a girl you like, and other important tips and techniques for calling a girl you just met.

Every month we’ll send you the most cutting edge dating and texting strategies that you can use with girls right away. Not only will we send you the latest advances in texting girls every month so you can always have fresh new texts to send beautiful women, but we’ll also send you new strategies and principles on inner game, day game, bar/club game, rapid sexual escalation, first date tips, sexual frames, phone game, online game, story telling, social circle mastery and more!

Risk Free Guarantee….Your Money Back and Keep Everything

If you aren’t 100% satisfied with The Ultimate Guide to Texting Girls in the next 60 days or if you don’t get at least 6 dates in the next 60 days, then you can get your entire investment back AND keep The Ultimate Guide to Texting Girls and all the bonuses as a free gift!

We are so confident in this product and the success you’ll get that we’ll take on all the risk. You literally have nothing to lose!




This product contains adult language and situations, and is not meant for those

under 18 years old

“I read the whole ultimate guide to texting girls in a few hours and couldn’t believe the great reaction I got after sending my first text. This stuff is pure genius! Anytime I can’t think of something to text, I can open the guide and have over 160 texts that are guaranteed to work.”

-J.H. Nuygen, Computer Engineer

Number of Dates Before Reading the Guide: 0 per month

Number of Dates After Reading the Guide: 5 per month

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